CMS Cloud Services

Hosted Exchange

Enjoy all the advantages of Microsoft Exchange without the purchase and maintenance of a server. Hosted Exchange gives you reliable email and the comfort of mail backups.

Benefits of Hosted Exchange:

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010

Use one of the most popular mail solutions, including shared calendars and contacts, resource mailboxes, task lists and more

Hosted Mobility Services

Stay connected to email, calendars, contacts, and more while on the go using iPhone, Droid, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry or other popular smartphones.

E-Mail Archiving

A hosted archiving service that will help them solve their data storage, e-discovery and regulatory compliance needs.

Additional Features:

Spam Filtering and Message Continuity

A spam filtering service which blocks 99% of spam, viruses, worms and other threats and our message continuity solution that helps you stay connected even in the event of a network failure or natural disaster.

Hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Share files and manage documents and images in a secure, scalable, enterprise-level portal environment.

Email Encryption

Protect confidential data from loss, identity theft and regulatory violations with our policy-based hosted encryption service that is highly secure and easy to use.